Anthony Meyer Personal Trainer

Strength, health, and flexibility to do the things you love!

Want to make a big change? Fitness is about much more than looks... it's about confidence, strength, and overcoming obstacles. Want to feel more confident, get healthier, and become stronger? Want to move more freely, without pain? I specialize in using bodyweight training to help people become strong, mobile, and confident in who they are.

Every body is different, and when training, it's important to have a plan that works for you. I will encourage you to achieve more than you thought possible, while also teaching you to listen to your body and meet its unique needs.

I want to make fitness accessible for you, whether or not you have gym access or special equipment. Together, we'll draft a plan that both challenges and inspires you, and that works with your schedule, your life, and your personal goals. And I'll be in your corner as you pursue a stronger, healthier, more confident life.