3 Important Cues for Nailing Your Handstand

When I first started training with bodyweight exercises, handstands were one of those things that I really wanted to be able to do.  They are an amazing feat of strength and balance and, let’s face it, they just look pretty.

So four years ago I started training handstands.  The only problem was, I had no idea what I was doing, so it was quite a trial and error process.

Today I want to share with you three important cues for getting your handstand.

1. Push into the ground

And I mean push!  You want to make sure that your shoulder is fully elevated (shrugged toward your ears).  This gives you a solid foundation through your shoulder girdle.

2. Brace your abs

This is really important, because it is what keeps your back straight.  When performing a handstand, our goal is to make everything stack: feet above hips, hips above shoulders, and shoulders above hands.  You want to keep from doing a so-called “banana handstand” and get that nice straight bodyline.

A good assistance exercise to help with this is the hollow body (you can find a tutorial here).  You’re essentially doing a handstand, but on your back.  This helps strengthen your core.  It’s harder than it looks!  Work toward a 60s hold.

3. Point your toes

Another important part of having a straight bodyline is to have straight legs.  Focusing on pointing your toes helps keep your whole leg straight.  Squeezing your legs together also helps create added stability in the handstand position.

 Where I'm at today!  Using a wall is great for getting that straight handstand.

Where I'm at today!  Using a wall is great for getting that straight handstand.

So go ahead and try these out.  These are the things that I wish I knew starting out, so I hope they help you!  And be sure to take some video of your handstands to check your technique.  It will help a lot!

My handstand isn’t perfect, but it’s WAY better than it was when I first started.  Keep working at it every day and you’ll get it!



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